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Self-Defense/Personal Safety

Tony Blauer's Ten Commandments of Street Survival.

Tony Blauer on Street Psychology

Interviews with Coach Blauer, creator of the PDR and SPEAR System.

Rory Miller's Blog, and his book, Meditations on Violence

Gavin De Becker, and his book, the Gift of Fear 

Strength and Conditioning

StrongFirst/DragonDoor: I've been looking more deeply into a lot of Pavel's material lately, and like a lot of it. StrongFirst is his current organization, but most of his videos and books are available through Dragon Door (or Amazon). I can't speak to most of Dragon Doors's other offerings.

Dan John: Dan John has been really influential on a lot of my thinking lately, not just on my strength training, but on how I train in general. I've reviewed a number of his books on here.

Ross Enamait:  Ross's material has become my one of my "go to" source for strength and conditioning information. Some of that is that it's good information. Some of it is the presentation. Ross comes across as a very reasonable, down-to-earth kind of guy, his writing is clear, and he's inspiring without being elitist. While he does have material for sale, his site contains a lot of articles and videos to get you going for a while. The forum contains even more information, including a great "Workout of the Week" thread.

Crossfit: Lots of free stuff, including a "workout of the day", videos, articles, and a forum. Tony Blauer is a huge Crossfit fan, as are a number of the other PDR coaches.

Core Performance: I picked up this book on the advice of another coach at Sityodtong, and found it a very valuable resource. The website is huge, and has a lot of good info there.

The Gymboss is a terrific resource for anyone who needs a way of keeping time, but doesn't have a round clock, or even a full-scale gym. You can clip it to your belt and go for a run, or crank out some push-ups, tabata style, or whatever.

My Amazon Store, full of books I think are worth reading.