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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Forget The Bulgarians

This was originally going to be a FB share, but I discovered I had enough to say that I thought it was worth posting here.

This article came to my attention through Dan John's newsletter.

I know squat (ha ha, see what I did there?) about Bulgarian training, but the basic message is interesting and makes sense to me. I see people in a lot of fields obsessed with trying to replicate what the elite do, without ever stopping to consider whether or not they are actually elite, or EVEN NEED TO BE.

It’s that latter point I want to drill down on for a minute.

People love throwing around phrases like “there’s no such thing as ‘strong enough’” or other similar statements about how you need to constantly strive to get better and better, because wherever you are isn’t good enough. Like a lot of ideas, I think it has some merit, but the merit gets lost in the stupid memes.

It’s great to constantly try to get better at the things you like/enjoy practicing. Keep trying to get stronger. Or faster. Work on becoming better at your chosen martial art. These are all good things to do.

But at some point, enough really is, well, enough. You are not a UFC star. You are not a world class powerlifter. It is okay at some point to say “instead of going to the gym today, I’m going to be with my children”. Or walk the dog. Or read a book. Whatever.

My point here is this: the elite do the things they do because they need to. If you are not one of the elite, you don’t need to do those things. There are other, better ways to use your time.

Forget the Bulgarians.

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