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Thursday, May 12, 2016

I Train Human Beings

I see all these Facebook posts/memes about how people train beasts, lions, animals, wolves, sharks, or warriors.

It popped into my head that if I ever opened my own gym (extremely doubtful), I would have "We Train Human Beings" as the meme/slogan.

Seriously. That's who I train. Human beings. Not beasts or warriors or whatever. Human beings. Some of them have serious competitive aspirations. Some just want to learn a new skill, or do something fun and different with their spare time. A few want to share the skills they're learning. They all have different reasons and different psychologies, and I do my best to respect that. I'm not trying to breed mindless soldiers.

Besides, if you want to talk about training dangerous predators--guys, we ARE the apex predators on the planet. You can be a beast all you want. I'll train the naked apes with brains and opposable thumbs. They keep winning.

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