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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Revisiting an Idea

About a year and half (!) ago, I started playing with this idea of Links and Chains. Maija, always insightful, asked the reasonable question "what is this for", and I discovered I didn't really have a great answer. I played with a couple of things in classes, but it really didn't seem particularly useful, so I shelved it.

Recently, though, I did a couple of seminars where people started asking about building combinations, and I found that I was going back to this model. I didn't bother with all the terminology, but the idea was there. It seemed to click. It'd be interesting to run a full seminar on it and see how much people could do with it on their own.

Maybe it's got a place after all.

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Derek Simonds said...

Always interested in learning. I have been playing with a similar idea in BJJ. What I have been trying to get across is similarities in types of attacks and how if you understand the similarities you can chain the attacks across different positions. Might not be the same idea but it definitely made me think about how to communicate that better as well.