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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Natural, Redux

Had some good friends over on Friday night. Shared good whiskey, beer, and food. A wonderful time was had by all.

The friends included good friends who have a son slightly younger than my own son. Who likes to roughhouse, a lot. He was a fan of "hugging" when he was much younger, which lead to this post.

My son "wrestles" with me when he can. My friend's son wrestles with his parents as well, apparently.

Somewhere during the evening, our two boys started poking at each other. Which lead to some friendly flailing at each other, and quickly turned into a full-blown wrestling match. They were laughing and playing and having a great time (except when one or the other got too uncomfortable, or something, and then there was some crying...but it never stopped the action for long).

Of course, I was watching to make sure everything was copacetic, but I was also intrigued.

Things I saw included
  • Single and double leg takedowns.
  • A sprawl.
  • Transition to guard from the sprawl
  • Taking the back.
  • Half guard.
  • Up kicks.
There was a bunch of other stuff as well. I can't remember it all.

Was it polished and technical? Of course not. But it was there, and it was completely instinctive. These boys had never been taught a damn thing about wrestling/grappling/whatever...they just figured it out, playing and having fun.

Rory has an expression about fighting effectively being your natural birthright (or words to that effect...I'm missing the quote). Coach Blauer once said "if you give your body permission to do something, you will do brilliant things" (I think that's from one of the audio tapes, but I cannot remember which one).

I've never seen stronger support for that than this.

Two kids, whose age barely totals five, and they were figuring this stuff out.

We really do make things too complicated.

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