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Thursday, May 7, 2015


I joked that my Facebook theme this week was "debunking stuff". Really though, I wasn't joking very much. This post is a compilation of things I've found over the week.

Archery Skillz

This video has made the rounds before.

It is impressive, on a certain level. Mr. Andersen  is clearly good at what he does...whatever exactly that is. However, a bunch of his historical claims are complete bunk. He may be good at what he does, but history isn't it.

[An aside: Someone answered my sharing of these critiques by saying that Mr. Andersen could "outshoot his critics". Which is a bullshit argument.

Whether or not his critics can "outshoot him" is 1) irrelevant to the question of whether the claims he makes are accurate. I have seen all kinds of bullshit propagated in the martial arts by people who might kick my ass in a fight. The fact that they might beat me up does not make them any less wrong about other things.

2)Subject to definition. As far as I can tell, there is no record of him competing in any kind of archery competition anywhere.

Is he good at what he does? Sure. If all he did was put up a video of him doing this stuff and saying "hey, look at this cool shit I learned how to do", that'd be awesome, and I have NO issue with him at all. But the fact that he's trying to boost himself up with a bunch of bullshit claims...that, I have an issue with.]

Self-Defense Doofery

I've written about this article before. It's a crappy piece of "self-defense" advice that is largely erroneous or useless.

It bugs me to no end that people who will spend hours picking apart a video of a martial arts technique or fight will unquestioningly share an article on self-defense without taking the 30 seconds or less required to Google the article and see if it has any validity at all.

If you're going to share self-defense information, it should be good information. It should be information that leads people to make clear, informed decisions, not change their hairstyle based on a myth.

I recognize that there are always areas of contention when it comes to training, but seriously...sharing bad information about self-defense isn't just annoying, it's irresponsible. Knock it off.

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