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Friday, April 17, 2015

SFG Recert Reflections, Part II

Part One here

With the snatch test out of the way, it was time to work on reviewing the rest of the SFG I skills (swing, Turkish get-up, clean, squat, press, snatch).

Karen Smith was the leader of our SFG recert, and she made the whole experience a fantastic one.

Going into this, I figured that there were two ways the recert was likely to go. One was for the person running it to try and grind everyone into the ground, to see how tough they were or how much punishment they could take.

The other was to treat everyone there like professionals who had already been through the cert, and give them the opportunity to tune up their skills, learn some new ones, and improve their craft.

I was grateful that Karen chose the latter path.

We worked through each of the skills in turn, going over some of the finer points, and any new additions or changes that had been made since our SFG's two years ago. The atmosphere throughout the whole event was casual, but focused. There was no effort to kill us, but everyone put in solid work, and Karen took the time to make sure people were receiving corrections and tune ups as needed. With each movement, she shared drills, coaching cues, and other concepts that she had found useful over the years, even ones that aren't in the SFG manual. Her shoulder mobility series alone was practically worth the price of admission for me, as getting my shoulders un-gunked is a major project for the foreseeable future.

Karen made a point of soliciting ideas and input from other instructors as well, which I appreciated. When you have a roomful of experienced coaches, it's nice to hear from different voices, and I got some good ideas from a bunch of people at the course.

In the end, the recert is a different experience than the SFG weekend. Both are worthwhile in their own way, but I'd really recommend that anyone looking to renew their SFG check out one of the one day recerts. It is its own experience, and one very much worth having.

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