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Monday, January 19, 2015

Make A Note

Chris Thompson got an interesting little discussion going Facebook about note-taking.  Figured I'd share my own thoughts here too.

Throughout my PDR training, I have been an absolutely fanatical note taker. Every seminar I went to, every time I was around Coach Blauer, I had a notebook and was jotting stuff down. I usuall
y left every session with about five times as many notes as the rest of the trainees. Part of that is just good training in taking notes quickly. I tend to do the same thing at other seminars...and I come away with a lot of good notes and information. I'd be much worse at the PDR system if I hadn't been diligent about my note taking.

On the flip side, I was terrible about taking notes for my Muay Thai training. I made some sporadic attempts, but never stuck with it. A combination of constant, regular access to my teacher (as opposed to the sporadic access I had for the PDR) and a gym culture that never really encouraged note-taking meant that I just wasn't consistent with it. I wish I had been. There's a lot that I've learned that I'm sure I've lost track of, and having those notes would be really useful for some of the projects I want to work on, both on my own and with my teacher.

One of the problems my teacher and I have both recognized (as have several others) is the bus accident problem. If my teacher were to get hit by a bus today (G-d forbid), that's it. Everything he knows is gone. All that's left is whatever myself and his students can remember...and what we can agree on when we try to remember it.

So, yeah. Notes are good. I should have taken more of them. It's a habit I'm working on.

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Maija said...

My teacher comes from Taiwan once a year. We are not allowed to video in class, but during lunch and after the day is done, a group of us review all we learned. We take turns showing our take on the different stuff we remember, along side our notes, and if someone remembers something particular, they jump in. The video taker gets to narrate the important stuff they remember too.
Anyone in the videos who participates gets a copy. It's a fabulous way to keep track of the info, and IMO even better than written words alone.
The fact that there are like 4 to 6 of us of different body types makes the combined knowledge dump incredibly useful.