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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Ross Enamait Affiliation

I have been a huge fan of Ross Enamait's for years, ever since a fellow trainer at Sityodtong recommended Infinite Intensity to me. I've bought just about every product he's put out since then, and I've never been disappointed.

Ross's material is top notch, and ridiculously cheap for the content you get. I've seen stuff from bigger names in the fitness industry that cost twice as much as Ross's, with about a quarter of the content.

On top of that, Ross just seems to be a genuinely good person. I've only interacted with him online, but he's always shown himself to be a genuine, hardworking, no bullshit kind of person. His blog is one I read every time it pops up, and it's filled with enough information to give you years of training alone.

Recently, Ross opened up an affiliation program, allowing people who link back to his products to earn a percentage of the sales as a commission. I jumped on board, because, well, these are products I believe in.

If you haven't before, I highly suggest you check out this material. If my opinion influences you to buy something, consider doing so through the links in this post, or in the product page on this site. Most of all though, I'd encourage you to check out the material because it is good material.

Ross's Store.

Infinite Intensity: The first book of Ross's I ever got. Absolutely fantastic resource.
Never Gymless: Review here.
Full Throttle Conditioning: Short but sweet resource if you need to get some serious conditioning in.
Jump Rope Conditioning for Athletes: Still working my way through this one, but so far, it's been excellent. Does what it says on the tin.

(Side note: Apparently, I need to do some more reviews of some of this material. I thought I had done so.)

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