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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Marking Time

Marking time is a waste of time.

By "marking time", I mean doing something just to do until you reach a particular goal. Not because you value the process of getting there, but solely because you need (or think you need) the goal.

I've known people who continued to train in systems they didn't like or believe in simply because they wanted to get a black belt (or other, similar rank). Hell, I even did it once. It was stupid when I did it too.

I'm not against working hard, nor am I against grinding through the occasional miserable training session. There are times when you're going to have a training session that you don't love...that's fine. Grind through it.

But if every day in the gym is misery, if you care about being there except to get some piece of paper or a strip of cloth around your waist...stop. Go do something you actually care about.

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