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Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year's Announcements

A whole bunch of events happening in January. And one notable change.

The Events

January 16th: Personal Defense Readiness workshop at Charlie McShane's school in CT. Charlie is the good kind of instructor: he keeps looking for better material for himself and his students. He also does a fantastic Royce Gracie impression.

We'll be covering how the PDR/SPEAR System deals with attacks from behind. Probably a lot of physical drills, because Charlie's students like to move.

January 18th: Personal Defense Readiness workshop at Skill of Strength. This particular one is a special deal: a combined introductory "crash course" followed immediately by an advanced workshop on dealing with attacks from behind. If you've already done an intro course, you can just do the advanced workshop, but a good review won't hurt you either. The advanced workshop is, again, looking at attacks from behind, because that is a thing people ask about a lot.

January 26th: Personal Defense Readiness workshop at JP CrossFit. This is the Fundamentals course--an intro to the PDR/SPEAR system. This is my second time doing this at JP CrossFit, and I'm very excited about it. One of the best audiences I've ever worked with (and asked me some of the most insightful questions I've ever gotten). 

Also heard a story about a man getting assaulted over taking someone's parking LOT (not their space, their LOT). So that was a new one.

These workshops are open to anyone. If you don't have any don't need any. If you DO have training, this material won't interfere with your system, but it will help you access it during a violent ambush.

The Change

I'm continuing to teach weekly classes at Skill of Strength, but the classes are being reformatted. Instead of a pure Muay Thai class, I'm teaching a hybrid Muay Thai/PDR class that we're calling MOVE--Protect (the MOVE moniker is the name of their group fitness program). Pretty psyched about doing's an opportunity for me to explore some ideas I've had for a long time, but never had a format to work on them in. Looking forward to the challenge.

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