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Monday, December 16, 2013

Cults Of...

Got to thinking about this post the other day.

It's possible to take almost any good quality and fetishize it until it becomes something terrible.

Age and experience is great, unless you use it as an excuse to dismiss everything new that you see as fads and crap that you already know (and therefore, don't need to actually research or pay attention to). (See Wim's excellent post on this subject)

Innovation is excellent, until it transforms from innovation into fantasy make believe.

Strength is fantastic, until you begin to rely solely upon it, at the expense of technical skill.

Hard training is necessary, until it becomes abusive.

The ideas of honor, respect, and loyalty that are praised in many systems are at the root of some of the most abusive behaviors in the martial arts.

The root of a lot of bad behaviors and bad ideas are rooted in perfectly good ones. 

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