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Friday, May 24, 2013

The Difference One Day Makes

Today marked day 21 of my experiment with Dan John's "40 Day Program".

The program is outlined in Easy Strength, though I'm using a template I got from Mike Perry. The basic ideas is take five lifts, do them every training session. The details are in the book (and on the net, if you feel like using Google).

I've been using the one arm KB press, the Pullup, the Deadlift, the one arm KB swing, and the Ab Wheel for my exercises.

I have to admit, on day 20 (yesterday), I was feeling pretty frustrated. It's taken me a while to dial in the program. First I seemed to be going too heavy. Then I thought I was going too light. I started to wonder if pullups were a bad choice, because I'm not good at them (doing two sets of five every training session is hard, not easy). The deadlift didn't feel as smooth as I remembered it. Timed sets of swings were annoying me. I missed turkish getups and double bell front squats.

Then I went into the gym today, and put up 335 for a double on the deadlift. Which, while not quite a PR, felt pretty solid. I'm willing to bet I can get another 20 pounds on that before the end of the program, which WILL be a PR.

Even in my crankiness, I'm learning a lot.

1. I really need to be more diligent about mobility work. Sometimes I'm squeezing in sets between other things, and that gets the work in, but not the other stuff. I need the other stuff.

2. For my schedule right now, I think I did better on a three day a week training plan. Trying to get the extra 2-3 days in sometimes gets overwhelming.

3. I need to work on listening to my body more. I made the mistake of trying to pull big numbers while tired a couple of times for no good reason other than that I had access to the equipment to do so. Not smart.

4. I don't like the way my brain works on timed sets. When I focus on the time, I get worse about form, and feel like I need to beat the clock. If I just go for reps, I stay cleaner.

I'll be interested to see how the remaining 19 workouts go.

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