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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Bad Information

An instructor I know posted this little bit of tripe on her Facebook page. I'm including the snopes link, because I can't be bothered to cut and past the whole thing. It's one of these ridiculous "secret tricks rapists don't want you to know" kind of things.

Except it's all bunk. As in, complete, utter, horse manure. Bullpucky. Frankly, even without snopes, large portions of it don't pass a simple sniff test. Rapists target women with ponytails? Only 2% carry weapons? This is just insanity, and shouldn't take much time to realize it's questionable at best.

Yet, people keep spreading it. And it PISSES. ME. OFF.

I'm a self-defense coach. That is a big part of my core identity, and I believe very strongly that everyone, everywhere has the right and capacity to defend themselves.

I also believe there's a lot of crappy information out there, and that crappy information may get people hurt or killed.

Now, in fairness...I'm sure that I've spread some bad info in my time. If I could go back and reteach some of the students I've, I'd do things so much different.

But I'm always trying to get better. I'm always looking for better information.

There's enough people out there selling fear and false promises...we shouldn't be part of that problem.

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