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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Day One

Every now and then, I get a nice moment of synchronicity. In this case, it was between a Muay Thai fight video, and a re-listen to of Dan John's Intervention

This is the video.

The guy in the striped trunks is Samart Payakaroon. Samart, for those who don't know, is one of the greatest Muay Thai fighters every produced by Sityodtong. He's arguably one of the greatest Muay Thai fighters ever, with multiple championships in Muay Thai and Boxing. I don't know how I found this particular fight, but I liked it, and felt it was worth sharing. There was an elegance about it I liked.

In Intervention, Dan John says:

"if you make an honest effort to explore your art, you’re going to discover that the true gems are the things you probably learned the first day.

This is where the synchronicity happened.

If you look at this fight (and this is particularly for my fellow Sityodtong students, so pay attention), 95% of what Samart does is stuff we teach in the very first lesson.
  • Stalking footwork
  • Jab
  • Cross
  • Lead leg teep
  • Rear leg te (roundhouse kick)
  • Rear elbow
  • Lead knee
The other five percent is still, well, fundamentals. A rear knee. A fundamental clinch position. Bridging. Checking the kick. The couple of lead leg body kicks are arguably slightly more advanced, but it's still 102 instead of 101 at most. 

What is distinctive about this is not the moves he's doing, it's how MASTERFULLY he's doing them.

In Intervention, Dan talks a lot about striving for mastery and grace. This is it, in Muay Thai form.

Seriously, for all of my students reading this--this fight, right here, is why I keep telling you all that basics win fights. This is why I make you work the fundamentals over and over again. This is why I yell at you when you start trying to pull of that superman spinning backfist that you saw on YouTube one day. Here's a guy fighting at the highest levels of the sport, and he takes apart his opponent with the things you all learned on day one. 


Get back to practicing your basics.


Joe Amond said...

I don't see a link to the video in the post.

Jake said...

Weird. Video should be fixed now.