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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

War Has Started

I kicked around the idea of whether or not I should even post this. If you're reading this, the answer is "yes."

I looked up a couple of weeks ago and decided that I'm really sick of being slightly overweight. No, I am not fat. But nor am I in the shape I'd like to be. And while I've ostensibly been trying to fix it for a while, it hasn't been working. Mostly because I've been kind of picking at it, without being serious.

Dan John has an expression that fat loss should be a war. So here I am, going to war with my body. In a new and different way.

I'm using Leigh Peele's Fat Loss Trouble Shoot to help with the planning. It turns out to be a very nice product, and I will post a much better review of it at some point (probably when I'm done with all of this). At this point, I'm two days in, so I cannot comment on any results.

My physical training hasn't changed much. S&C work, with a heavy kettlebell bias, and my martial arts training.

My plan is to spend from now until New Year's Day hacking at this. That's eight weeks to make a change. Eight weeks at war.

Yes, this is a terrible time of year for fat loss, but that's partly the point.

So why post this publicly? Accountability. If fat loss is a war, you all just got recruited. If you know me personally, you get to call me out when I reach for that drink or food item I shouldn't reach for. You get to get in my face if I'm about to stuff mine. The more the merrier, right?


strikingthoughts said...

I'll be watching your progress with interest! I need to lose another 10-15 but can't seem to do it. I exercise regularly, however, age (45) and stress-induced eating/drinking keep me at blub. 1-2 adult beverages on the weekend with junk food is not a good thing!

Jake said...

I could blame a lot of things. Reduction in exercise (though still regular); having a seven-month old baby. Etc.

But fuck it. I got this way because I ate more than I needed to. I'll try to fix it by reversing that process.

The adult beverages add up fast. They're tasty, but man, do they add up...