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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

"Fortune favors the prepared mind"

"Fortune favors the prepared mind" -- Louis Pasteur

This started life as a Facebook post/discussion, but I thought I'd bring it out here.

Years ago, I realized that I hated telling the fighters at Sityodtong "good luck" before they went to fight. To me, the phrase has some seriously negative connotations. Jeff Burger hit the issue pretty well.

" it just sounds like ... statistically you don't stand much of a chance so here is hoping you are the beneficiary of some freakish event."

Luck is great. And it is undeniably a factor, in everything from sport to self-defense (let's face it...if you're fighting for your life, your luck has already taken a turn for the worse, not the better). But hoping, planning for, or relying on it just seems silly. I'd rather not have anyone who trains under me go into any situation with Andre the Giant's "I hope we win" (the Princess Bride) echoing in their head.

I want the people who train under me going in prepared. I want them knowing that, if fortune favors them, it will be because they trained and worked hard, not just because of a statistical anomaly.

Or, to borrow another popular aphorism: The harder I train, the luckier I get. 

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