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Monday, October 1, 2012

Lessons from SEVER-TEMBER

At the beginning of last month, I made the somewhat impromptu decision to take a month off from blogging. The idea was to clear my schedule to allow myself to focus on other projects, and to see what it was like to consciously decide to not blog for a whole month. I envisioned taking the free time to crunch down on other, larger writing projects, catching up on some non-writing work, and coming out of the month a bit ahead of where I started.

As you may imagine from that paragraph, things did not quite work out that way.

If I learned a lesson from this, it's one I've theoretically learned before, but never quite on this scale. I am extremely overbooked right now. Through a combination of coming across offers that were too good to say no too, and not saying no to things I should have, I completely crammed my schedule to the point where I literally could not sustain one more activity. I recently refused a couple of offers of work not because I didn't want to make the time, but because it was completely impossible. I was out of free hours in the week (not the day, the week).

I know I tend to overbook myself, but this really took it to a new extreme. Some of it was necessary, and much of it was done knowingly (though not quite all), but it's not something that needs to be sustained. There's a big lesson in time management from all of this.

On the upside, I did come away with a TON of new things to write about, so the blog will be kicking off in full force moving forward. The other projects will pick back up as my schedule gradually reduces in intensity.

Other things I've learned:
- I cut a bunch of stuff out of my RSS Feed, and don't miss most of it. There are one or two blogs I'll probably stick back in, but for the most part, I'm okay with them not being there.

- I'm done with the "this week in the web" feature for now. It was a good experiment, but it's become a burden. I'd rather use this blog to post useful ideas and thoughts, not just share links around.  I'll be using my facebook page and twitter account to post links that I think are relevant. If your on one or both of those networks please like my page or follow me, respectively.

- I want to spend more time devoting myself to focusing on less. The whole minimalist philosophy resonates more and more as my life moves away from it.

More to come. Stay tuned.

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