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Monday, September 3, 2012

This Week In The Web, 9-3-2012

Hey, it's Labor Day! But I'm still working. After a fashion.

Kasey talks about Ambushes, and dealing with them. We have an expression in the PDR that says "all fights are dangerous, but the most dangerous fight is the ambush." If you're at all vested in self-defense, learning how to deal with the ambush is a huge consideration.

Kasey also has an interesting post on what he calls the "cross over effect". 

Matt Munson is writing about fitness/Crossfit, but the idea of Goal Focused Training is so huge for everything.

Maija talks about footwork. Footwork is HUGE.

Wim has cured arrogance in the martial arts... 

Ross shared a short, but powerful interview with Herschel Walker.

Mike Robertson shared 60+ lessons from a recent S&C summit. At least one should be useful to you.

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