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Monday, August 20, 2012

This Week In the Web, 8-20-2012

A Request--if you haven't responded to my Quick Poll, please do so. I'd really like to know if this thing is on, so to speak.

Wim offers an interesting perspective on Asian vs. Western training methods. It's a nice, thoughtful look at the dichotomies in various martial arts training methods. Worth the read.

When Dan John speaks, you should listen. Or read. Whatever.

I almost didn't share this article by Jim Wendler, and then I saw this line:

"Balance" doesn't mean everything is given equal weight. Rather, balance is making sure things don't drop off to such a degree that their neglect is hindering your progress. 

That resonates with me. I just read it, and need to think more about it, but it's enough to convince me the article is worth sharing.

Ross shares an old but powerful quote.

Mac asks "Why Study Self Defense?"

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