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Friday, August 10, 2012

Super. Human.

Every now and then, something clicks. In this case, it's something from Dan John. Well, a couple of things, but in particular, one of his answers to this interview.

3. If you could have a superhero power, what would it be?
I already have several, but mine would be the ability to remain the same person no matter the circumstances.

I read that, and promptly deleted a big long ramble that I had written, because it clarified something I'd be wrestling with.

Long story short--I spent the last week in Vienna, Virginia, where I got to participate in PDR34, the annual BTS Combatives Camp, AND to workout with the folks at Crossfit Rubicon. And talk with a lot of smart, experienced folks. Came home, had coffee with Rory Miller. So I've been getting a lot of intelligent conversation lately.

The up and downside...some stuff came a little unglued. Plans and visions got shaken up. In a good way.

I've always taken a bit of pride in being pretty self-consistent. I'm not sure that I qualify for the superpower listed above, but I strive for it. I think I was teetering on losing that. Getting sucked in. Adding extra tribes to my life. Losing sight of learning for learning. Losing sight of the knowledge I've already got.

I know that's vague, but I don't feel like dragging out details. I tried in the previous post, and it just got long, messy, and not clear.

It's nice to have your mindset shaken up every now and then. If you aren't getting that, try finding someone who will shake you up. It helps.


Maija said...

Sorry dude, you just have to write more, there's too many interesting parts to this - self, centeredness (yes, the comma is in the right place), flexibility, objectivity, focus, path ... and how and why to change.
What stays still, what evolves?
See that's the key - how do we change, why should we, who get's US to see, and how do we get OTHERS to see the options ...?

Jake said...


Fine. Be that way :-).