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Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Stumbled across this article the other day, thought it was interesting.

For those too lazy to follow the link, here's the executive summary: the oft-quoted "10,000 hours of practice to mastery" study isn't usually quoted correctly. People talk about that rule, but they're missing vital pieces of the data (probably because they never looked at the original research.

A couple of months ago, I got to have a conversation with Coach Blauer about a similar subject; a study in Force Science news that was creating waves around the martial arts community (at least, on the 'net). Again, some of the same problems came up; people were drawing conclusions that weren't actually supported by the research. Around that same time, Wim Demeere posted an interview with Dennis Tueller, the man who supposedly invented the 21-foot rule...except that he hadn't.

Don't just accept the data. Don't accept the platitudes. Look deeper. See if the research really says what people are saying it says.

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Neil Bednar said...

Exactly. My mind is being blown open by a book I'm reading now called Sex at Dawn. Fascinating.