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Monday, July 16, 2012

This Week in the Web, 7-16-2012

Tony Blauer advises us all to Relax, Dude.

Brooks Kubik on the mental side of strength training.

I'm starting to really like Zach Even-Esh's stuff; very inspiring, energetic guy.

The website Roots of Fight has been making waves around the web, and with good reason. Wim and Ross both posted about it--it looks like there's some very interesting stuff on there. I don't have much to add that those two haven't said already.

This is an interesting two part series by Sirena Bernal, an apparently local fitness trainer. The use of physical training as healing path is fascinating to me, and this writing has a raw honesty about it I enjoyed.

Some great advice from Eric Cressey. There's a couple of things here I'd like to expand on a bit, but this whole thing is worth reading.

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