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Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Basics

Was reading this interview with Todd Bumgardner and John Gaglione, authors of a book called, Supreme Strength, when I came across this gem.

The basics will always work—strive to be great at them. It’s a point that I repeat constantly to myself. I think people miss this fact because they want something sexy. It’s not a bad thing, just a little misguided.

Mainly, I think people hold a misguided view of the basics. A lot of guys and gals think that basic movements can only be applied one way, when, in truth, there are thousands of ways to use basic movements and train to be great at them.

It’s like dance moves. Everyone wants to hit sick hip-hop moves before they get down the basic shuffle steps and they end up doing the Carlton dance. You can live with the shuffle steps for years. It’s how I keep my white boy dance prowess.

I'm a relative novice in the world of strength training (though striving to become much more), but this philosophy absolutely applies to the martial arts as well. The longer I train, the more I find that the basics are really all I need. The sexy cool stuff is, well, sexy, I guess, but it isn't very useful most of the time. The basics are always useful.

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