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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Product Review: IronMind: Stronger Minds, Stronger Bodies

IronMind: Stronger Minds, Stronger Bodies
by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D.

This book is, like a number of other strength training books out there, really just a collection of articles that once appeared in MILO: A Journal for Serious Strength Athlete. There are sixty articles in total, filling out this compact volume at a little under 200 pages. The format makes it a great book for picking up and reading in chunks--each chapter was designed to be entirely self-contained anyway, so you can jump around, or read it pieces without feeling like you're missing anything critical.

But what is it that you're reading? As you might guess from the topic, IronMind consists of a series of articles on sports psychology concepts for strength athletes. Over the course of 60 articles, Strossen offers advice on overcoming a wide variety of psychological hurdles, from lack of motivation, to fear of failure, to sorting through conflicting information. With a Ph.D. in psychology, you might expect an excess of technical terminology and overblown theory, but Strossen presents all of the information in a straightforward, easily understood format that is accessible to the general public. And while his ideas and examples are purely focused on strength athletes (weightlifters, bodybuilders, and powerlifters), the information here can be applied to any athlete looking for some ideas to help them improve their performance.

My only complaint about the book is the formatting--the print is frighteningly small, and while I found it readable, I could easily imagine that some readers might find it difficult to read, if not outright unreadable. Which is unfortunate, because there is a gold-mine of information here. Definitely worth picking up.

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