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Monday, March 5, 2012

This Week In The Web, 3-5-12

This week in the web there was an explosion of great strength and conditioning articles from all over the place. What's interesting is that there are sevearl themes that run through every article. Focus on simplicity, big movements, straightforward programming...lot of things to think about in here.

In an effort to make this easier to process, I've tried to organize things a bit:

Strength and Conditioning

Another Dan John interview.

Anthony Shaw on his experience with Easy Strength, plus a review. Damn, I need to buy this book already.

And an excerpt from Intervention, which apparently will be a book as well as a DVD set. Really worth reading.

Brooks Kubik has ten simple rules for weight training

The folks at Hybrid Fitness weigh in on the value of simplicity as well.

Ross has a post on a video I put up last week. The post is worth reading, even if you already watched the video.

In other news, Ross is coming out with a DVD on Jump Rope Training for Athletes. I'm sure it will be worthwhile...Ross's stuff always is.

Charles Staley has some ideas on injury prevention and management.

An interesting article on the Mind in Relation to Weightlifting 

Combat Sports
Wim Demeere has a great post on, of all things, Meryl Streep.

According to this list, my instructor Mark Dellagrotte is one of the fifteen best coaches in MMA.

Gorrila Productions has a tribute to Floyd Mayweather. Like him or not, the man has some skills...

Other Stuff
This article by Kristine Kathryn Rusch may seem totally irrelevant to the martial arts, and maybe it is, but it's worth reading anyway.

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