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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

This Week In The Web, 3-19-12

A day late, yes. The first week home with the new baby...I think I have good reason.

Foodie blogger Bellyglad shared this marvelous post from Bleeding Espresso. It's about language and learning, but the basic truths it contains apply to all forms of training.

Ross Enamait has an interesting analysis of Salido vs. Lopez II.

Ross also just released a new DVD on Jump Rope Conditioning For Athletes. Every resource Ive ever purchased from Ross has been worth ten times its price. In an industry that tends to over price and under deliver, Ross is a rare exception. I'll be buying this, and encourage others to do the same.

This post by Rory is thought provoking.

The Tight Tan Slacks of Dezso Ban has been sharing this series on Lifting in the 5th Dimension. I find it totally fascinating. More later on that.
If you teach, read this post by Wim Demeere.

Anthony Mychal has a nice post on Mastering Practice and Simplicity for Solid Gains

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