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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

PDR 32 Recap and Review

For years and years, I've been trying to get Coach Blauer to come to Boston for a seminar. This weekend, we finally got him here for two at once.

PDR 32 took place at Redline Fight Sports in Cambridge. This was a very special event for me, on a personal level. Not only was it taking place in my home town, but there were several participants there who started their PDR journeys with me. It was particularly gratifying to have one of my long time students/training partners, James, there, to finally experience the course. The population of PDR coaches in Boston has blossomed over the weekend, and I'm really excited about the future of the program in this area.

The course was a nice blend of new coach candidates and returning coaches. The returning coaches got started on Friday morning, with an in-depth review of the close-quarter form, followed by some groundfighting drills with Coach Blauer. (I volunteered to be the crash test dummy for a lot of these, which gave me a real visceral appreciation for how well Coach Blauer can move on the ground, and some practice trying to listen to a lecture while having my rib cage compressed. It's not as easy as it sounds.)

Friday night, the new coach candidates arrived for a quick intro, followed by a lecture from Coach Blauer on the Performance Enhancement Psychology concepts that are central to our coaching, and some in-depth background on the origins and rationale behind the SPEAR System.

Saturday morning, we returned bright and early to get into the physical heart of the system. Coach Blauer was at Reebok Crossfit One teaching a Be Your Own Bodyguard seminar, so PDR Team leader Jason Dury masterminded the training for that day. I am thrilled and humbled that I was able to help in teaching and coaching several blocks during this day, along with several other returning coaches who have made great gains in their understanding of the system. There was one moment, in particular, when I realized that I was giving a lecture that created one of the biggest light-bulb moments I ever had at PDR 1 (no, that's not a typo). I don't know if it showed, but I had chills. It was awesome.

It also tied into what was, for me, one of the biggest themes of this course, which was the transferability of the system. Coach Blauer has talked about this a lot recently, but it really hit home for me during this course that the real magic of the PDR/SPEAR System is that it is not based on what one person is capable of doing, but is based on something that all human beings are capable of doing. There was never a point in the seminar where I felt like I was showing something or explaining something that the people in the seminar could never understand, or that we were showing tactics that people there would never be able to use. While the system originated out of Coach Blauer's particular genius, the system itself is transferable and usable by anyone.

Which is pretty friggin' cool.

Sunday we wrapped up the lecture, did teachbacks for new and returning coaches, and wrapped things up with our signature BMF demos.

The energy throughout the entire weekend was amazing. New and returning coaches worked together, talked, shared ideas, and managed to create a real feeling of community and synergy in just a few short days. I'm thrilled to watch this community keep growing, and unbelievably excited to have the community growing locally. Big things are ahead for this program...


Steve said...

Great weekend and another well written wrap-up that echoes my feelings ass well as I'm sure others. So cool to be a part of this team!

Unknown said...

Great review jake, pity i missed the weekend il be heading Stateside very soon with the Irish Coaching Team!!!

Christopher "Mr. Classic" Romulo aka CROM said...

Well said Jake, this was only my 2nd PDR and I can empathize with you. Coach Blauer's research is something that everyone needs to experience on any level. I hope to make it up to Sityodtong sometime.

Chris R.

Jake said...

Hope to see all of you again soon.

And Chris, you're welcome at Sityodtong any time my friend.