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Monday, December 19, 2011

Monday Afternoon Stuff Around the Web

(Side Note: I am considering making this a regular feature on this blog moving forward. What do you all think? Are these weekly postings valuable?)

Mac on Choosing a Handgun for Self-Defense. While I don't carry, I know people who do, and I believe that choosing to do so is an awesome responsibility that requires a lot of consideration. This is worth reading.

Ross shares a couple of inspirational videos here and here.

And Wim's got one here

PDR Coach Kelly Muir has an interesting website called Instructor Revolution. Kelly  does a lot of work with children and teens, and has some pretty solid ideas about how to teach to that age group (and teaching in general). She teaches a population that I largely don't (I tend to work with teens and adults, but not really young kids). Worth checking out.

And finally, a Muay Thai fight. Buakaw vs. Jomhod. I'll reserve commentary, except to re-iterate that fundamentals win fights. :-)

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Stuart said...

I'm all in favour of the weekly round-up, its a great way to find the gems without trawling through too much garbage.