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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Stuff From Around the Internets

Wim has some interesting footage of him and Barry Eisler working some drills/techniques, and some other footage of them reviewing the same stuff in High Gear. Kinda cool to see how other people play with the gear.

Erik Kondo put up an article/blog called The Multi Dimensional Paradigms of Self-Defense.From what I can see, it's already garnered a fair amount of praise, and some criticism. From what I see on the blog, a lot of the criticism either boils down to "pictures make my head hurt" or "it's all common sense". The latter one tends to make my blood boil, since it's a criticism that is often leveled at a number of people that I admire, and usually has very little basis in fact. It may seem like common sense after it's stated, but if it was common sense, everyone would already know it.

Anyway...Erik's article/model is interesting, and I will probably give it a couple more read-through. I'm not sure it's perfect, but it does a nice job of outlining why "self-defense" is such a complicated subject, and articulating a lot of the issues that surround the notion of self-defense. It's worth reading.

Speaking of High Gear...a video from the Personal Defense Network, with Coach Blauer demonstrating how the gear can be used, and a few sample scenarios.

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