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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Some Videos

Spent a few days in Vermont for my sister-in-law's wedding. Still playing catch up.

Here's some videos from PDR 30/Combatives Camp, to tide you over.

Bar Fight

Some camp demos. The first three are all variations of an elevator scenario. Last is a two-on-one.


Josh K. said...

Why did the 'good guy' feel the need to intervene in the first video? It looked like he was an outsider interfering in two others bar-room discussion.

Just a thought I had,

Jake said...


The "good guy" (what Rory would call the principle) in this was one of the guys involved in the "discussion" (the taller one, specifically). The guy at the bar who jumps in is the buddy of bad guy number one.

Hope that makes sense.

Josh K. said...

Ok, makes more sense know.

I was confussed.


Jake said...

What could possibly be confusing about watching three guys in black, face concealing gear brawl with each other?