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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Experiment, Part IV: A Minor Update

Mostly just to let people know that The Experiment is not over. At least, I'd like it not to be over. A few trials is hardly what I'd call an in-depth experiment, and while I could just call it now, I'd like to do a bit more before I start posting things.

I should qualify that: in one sense, the Experiment will never be over. Knife defense, like all self-defense training, is an ongoing process. Whatever solutions or ideas I come up with now will, I hope, be challenged and change throughout my life.

For now, however, I'd just like to get a few more runs that I feel like I can talk intelligently with regard to Rory's contention that controlling the armed limb is foolish/unworkable. If there's anyone in the Greater Boston Area still willing to help me out with this, let me know.

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