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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Rory Miller's One Step

Wanted to get this down before I forget it.

I’ve been working with a pair of sisters, twelve and fourteen. Mostly focused on the PDR curriculum, but I’ve been injecting pieces from other sources as well. Experimenting with pad work for the close quarter form, and using the pads for CQ tools in general.

Being sisters, the girls have a tendency to want to brawl with each other. They also tend to want to freestyle. Both have some background in Chinese Martial Arts (Kung Fu, Tai Chi). So last night, in a fit of inspiration, I decide to try introducing them to Rory Miller’s One Step drill.  They loved it.


  1. Going slow means everyone can play. I did a round each with the girls, and then let them do two rounds against each other.
  2. The older girl did the first round with me. She learned that you cannot win on defense. Took some talking to illuminate that on a cognitive level, but she made it work part way through the drill.
  3. Younger girl learn that you should not help your opponent to his feet, and that sacrifice throws only work when you have sufficient mass/leverage to actually make the opponent fall down. Otherwise, you’re just throwing yourself on the ground.
  4. The first round they did with each other was very…social, I guess. A lot of grabbing, pulling, and tripping. Not much hitting. In other words, it looked like two sisters wrestling in slow motion.
  5. The second round, after I pointed out #4, they got meaner and nastier, which also ended up ramping up the intensity and the emotional commitment. I had to pull the plug on the drill early because they were turning into too much of a fight. Something to work on.

Cool stuff. Gotta play with the one step more.

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