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Monday, March 28, 2011

Why I Unsubscribed from Zen Habits

A few weeks ago, thanks to some of my reading on minimalism, I discovered Leo Babauta and his Zen Habits blog. I also discovered his free e-book, Focus, which I downloaded, read, and even enjoyed. I think Leo has some good ideas, and found his writing valuable.

On Friday, Leo put up a post called "Your Emails Are Too Long". It is...interesting. Okay, it's not interesting. It reads to me as selfish, almost childishly so. It seems to boil down to him saying "my time is way more valuable than yours". It assumes that no one has ever crafted long, well-edited, carefully planned email. Or, that if someone did so, they should have just published it on the web instead. (For that matter, why is it a waste of time to send a long email, but not a waste of time to send a short email with a link to a long web-posting. How much fucking sense does that make?)

If Leo wants to restrict all of his interactions with readers to twitter's 140 characters or less, that's certainly his right. After all, 140 characters is plenty to say "You're so smart, Leo" or something similar. Thoughtful dialogue usually takes more space than that.

In any case, one of the points of all this minimalism stuff seems to be to try and reduce clutter everywhere. I'm now labeling Zen Habits as clutter, and removing it. I may check back occasionally to see if something new has come up, but I think I can find readings I find more enjoyable.

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