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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Swiss Are The Fiercest People In All of Gaul

Yet another fantastic story; an older Swedish gentleman lays out two muggers with his boxing skills.

Thank goodness no one ever told this guy that boxing doesn’t work against knives or multiple attackers. It certainly doesn’t work against multiple, knife-wielding attackers.

Unless, of course, it does.

I’m sure there will be (if there aren’t already) armchair quarterbacks criticizing this guy for choosing to fight “the wrong way”, just as I’m sure there were armchair quarterbacks criticizing Joe Lozito for standing up to a knife wielding lunatic, despite having no training whatsoever.

Is what this guy did risky as hell? Of course it was. Fighting is risky. If you’re not willing to take the risk…don’t fight.

Mr. Klasson was willing to take the risks, and showed a couple of predators that they hadn’t picked the right target. Good on him.

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