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Monday, March 14, 2011

Don't Let Your Mouth Write Checks Your Ass Can't Cash

I first saw this on Wim Demeere’s blog; he has his own analysis, which is well worth reading.

From what we can see in the video, and what was posted on Facebook, the bigger kid is the attempted victim here. If there is a larger context that somehow justifies why the smaller kid starts off by slugging him in the face, we don’t have it. With nothing but this video to go on, I’m on the big kid’s side, since

a) He basically just stands there and takes the first (hard) punch
b) He likewise eats the second jab to the body without really responding.
c) After repeated jabs to the body, he finally gets worked up enough to respond
d) When he does respond, he does it quickly and decisively. He does not go overboard.

Let’s be serious for a moment; if Casey (the big kid) really wanted to hurt his attacker, he could have done much worse than he did. The only thing that kept Casey from continuing to hit, stomp, or slam his opponent was Casey. Yes, some of the other kids might have intervened eventually (though, since they weren’t intervening to protect Casey, I find it unlikely that they’d suddenly intervene for someone else), but if Casey had felt like taking a few extra shots, he could have. And that probably would have quickly drifted into excessive force. As it is, Casey did what he needed to end the fight, and get away safely. I think he did great.

Unfortunately, Casey’s school apparently doesn’t see it that way, which is why Casey is the one who got suspended. Which is insane to me: Casey was protecting himself. He clearly couldn’t avoid the situation, and he clearly couldn’t talk his way out of it. Was he supposed to allow this other kid to keep hitting him? I’m sorry, but that’s crazy. If Casey was my kid, or my younger brother, I’d be patting him on the back and buying him a milkshake (I was going to say beer, but Casey’s not of drinking age. Well, he is in Australia, so maybe he is. I digress.).

Look, I understand that violence is not the default solution that we want children using, but, to borrow a line from Rorion Gracie, sometimes a man needs to be slapped. Or in this case, slammed on his head.

A few other thoughts, at random:

1. Common wisdom says that smaller people do not pick on bigger people. Clearly, this is not always the case.
2. Hitting someone with the ground works really well.
3. On the flip side, hitting someone with the ground is not the life-ending technique it is sometimes portrayed as.
4. And seriously, look at that first punch. Casey’s head snaps back, hard. Another few inches, and it would have hit the wall behind him, which could have been a serious, serious, injury. Even without that, I can tell you that when your head snaps back like that, it isn’t good.

Commentary welcome.

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britt said...

The little kid got what he was (implicitly) asking for.

Before finding my way to more physically interactive hobbies, I spent a while in tkd. While I agree with all of the tkd trashing, my instructor gave us 1 gem after a belt test thats always stuck with me:

"All of the stuff your doing here, its fun, but please, if it ever find yourself in a position you cant talk your way out of, dont try [these tkd techniques]. just end it and end it fast."