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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

MMA Fan vs. Knife Wielding Attacker

NYC resident and UFC fan Joe Lozito helped take down a lunatic with a knife on the subway this past Saturday.

Interestingly, Lozito apparently had little formal training; he was simply inspired by the fighters he had watched on TV, and took it upon himself to do something to stop Gelman’s rampage.

I’m sure the Monday morning quarterbacks are having a field day right now, considering that Lozito apparently got cut up pretty badly. Personally, I think he should be commended; he stood up and fought a bad guy. Was it dangerous? Sure. Fighting bad guys is dangerous, but someone has to do it. Sometimes, it’s not the person who planned to do it, or wanted to, but they do it anyway.

Dana White apparently agrees, since he paid Lozito a visit.

If nothing else, add this to list of stories that prove that a) you don’t need to be trained to defend yourself, and b) you can, in fact, survive a knife assault. Don’t believe the hype that says otherwise.

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