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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dan John on Fighters, S&C, and being "Elite"

I'm starting to like Dan John more and more. Mostly because he says a lot of sensible things, and doesn't seem to spout off a lot of bullshit. That's a rare thing in the Strength and Conditioning community.

In his post on his "Mass Made Simple" program, Dan talks a bit about training "fighters". Or, rather, some theories on training fighters, and on people who think they are fighters. And on people who think they are "elite". You can go read it and decide for yourself if you think his definition of elite works or not (I think it's pretty solid).

I sympathize, however, with his point about guys doing high-rep circuits and thinking they are "fighters".

Look, the bottom line is, fighters are people who do combat sports competitively. If you're an amateur fighter, you do it for little or no money. If you're a professional fighter, you do it for more money (though frankly, if you're looking for a quick road to riches, there are a lot better ways).

If you are not competing on a regular basis, you are not a fighter. You may use some training methods that are similar to those of pro or amateur fighters, but you are not one.

For the record: that is not a bad thing. Not being a fighter is okay. Wanting to be a fighter, but not being ready, is also okay. I'd like to be able to deadlift twice my body weight...but I can't. And I won't be able to for a long while, because I need to build up to that. Until I get there, well, it's okay. I'm not at my goal yet.

If you want to be a fighter (and I urge you to think real hard and careful about that desire, because it's not nearly as easy or glamorous as it looks on pay-per-view), then you can work toward that goal, but don't be delusional about it either.

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