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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Amazing Story

There are about half a dozne things I should be doing right now; I'll get back to them in a minute.

This story is absolutely incredible.

I've written before about my time spent studying Aikido. It's one of those arts that occasionally creeps back into my head, even though I haven't formally trained it in over a decade.

Aikidoka spent a lot of time talking about harmonizing with the universe, about being an art of peace, turning an attacker's energy against them, and so on.

In the Personal Defense Readiness System, we talk about the importance of verbal skills; how your voice can be as powerful a weapon as your body. How "those who talk can be persuaded to walk".

This, he hit all of that stuff. Verbal defuse to the Nth degree.

I'm sure there are armchair quarterbacks out there who will criticize his actions; I confess, I'm not sure I could have done what he did. Frankly, it takes more courage than just beating the hell out of his attacker. But it is very impressive, and, in my opinion, admirable. He didn't just defuse the confrontation...he attacked its source.

The lesson may be lost on the bad guy in question, or it may not. Hard to tell.

People amaze me every day...

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Shawn said...

Thanks for sharing this story. Sometimes people become a product of their environment and they don’t know any different. Let’s hope that Diaz’s assailant understands the lesson and it lasts with him for more than the time it takes for his environment to suck him back in. Cool story.