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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Links Worth Reading

Busy times right now. In a good way, but still, busy.

In the absence of an actual post today, a few links all worth reading. Only one of them is specifically about martial arts, but all of them are about things I think relate to the martial arts. Or maybe the martial arts relate to these things? Rory Miller talks about “Martial Arts. For Life” somewhere. I can’t find it right now, but it makes a lot of sense to me lately. Enjoying the process of sorting out my thoughts lately. Fun times.
Anyway, the links.

The Horsies Upstairs”, on Ursula Le Guin’s blog. I love Le Guin’s writing, but this post also has a lot of interesting thoughts about belief, acceptance, and learning.

Laurie on how “Everyone’s a Critic”. For the record, Laurie has faced more challenges in her life, and is a much stronger person, than almost everyone I’ve ever met through training. Next time you decide you’re a warrior because you did an extra rep of your kata, go read Laurie’s writing and get some perspective.

Nothing Says Loser, from Kris Wilder’s blog. I’m only passing familiar with Kris and his work, but a lot of what I see, I like.

Enjoy the reads!

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