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Monday, January 3, 2011

An Interesting Blog Project

Matt Munson started an interesting little project over on his blog. In some ways, it's nothing new. A man and his wife are trying to reclaim their fitness, and they are recording their efforts publicly.

What's different is that Matt is an active PDR & Crossfit Coach; he runs Crossfit Champions, which, in case it's not obvious, is a place where you can go if you want to be in better shape than you already are.

Now, there are a lot of out of shape coaches in this world. There are very few coaches in this world, however, who are willing to step up and say "hey, I'm not in the kind of shape I'd like to be in, and I'm going to admit it." It would be very easy for Matt and his wife to come up with a variety of excuses about WHY they aren't in as good shape as they'd like to be, or why they aren't working out as often, etc. But they aren't. They've seen that things aren't where they'd like them to be, and they are taking steps to fix that.

I wish more coaches would be as open in acknowledging their own shortcomings and struggles.

Very interested to see how Matt's project goes; I'm sure he'll kick ass.

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