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Monday, August 23, 2010

Good Ideas, Badly Executed

Tim forwarded me this link; it's a collection of photo's from a somewhat out of date book entitled 101 Weapons For Women: Implement Weaponry: A Unique Concept in Self-Defense.

The blog in question is dedicated to Awful Library Books, and in fairness, it looks like there's a lot awful about that book. But there's at least a kernel of good in there too.

What's Good? 

Well, the basic premise of the book is actually pretty sound. If you put a little bit of thought into it, you can find all sorts of objects lying around that you could use to inflict some pretty serious injury with. I'm pretty sure, based on my experiences with cacti, that taking one in the groin really would be quite unpleasant; as would a walkman upside the head, assuming there's a woman alive today who still carries a walkman. There's a point against your fancy-schmancy iPods! Can't smack a mugger with one of those things, can you Apple? (Though I guess an iPad might sting).

There are likely other, more practical examples to be found. If you give yourself permission, you'll start finding stuff pretty fast.

What's Bad? 

Some of the options just seem crazy. A straw through the heart? Ignoring the complex motor skills required to attempt that, I'm not at all convinced it would actually work. I have not tried stabbing something with a plugged up straw, so I cannot be certain, but I'm reasonably sure it's not the most viable option. Likewise, strangling your assailant with dental floss seems unlikely, and would require enough planning as to constitute some kind of pre-meditated assault...

What's Funny? 

Man, if you have to ask, you haven't looked at that site.


Tim said...
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Tim said...
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Tim said...

I am ashamed that I didn't include my father's injunction with my email to you: "When you get in a fight, always use a weapon. You could hurt your hand." I loved the straw and dental floss attacks.