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Monday, August 16, 2010

Another interesting post over on Rory's blog. Gives me about half-a-dozen things I want to think/talk about. Always more going on in my head than I can process on paper. Or even in my head.

I saw Teja hanging around at Rory's seminar, but didn't get a chance to interact with her at all. It's too bad. Her website looks very interesting. I've only skimmed it, but I'd like to look deeper into it. She brings up the very valid point that a lot of self-defense systems are designed by men, based on their experiences as men. Women have a very different experience when it comes to violence; both in kind, and in response. It's something I've spent time trying to understand, but even the best attempts always feel like they fall a bit short.

Which is an issue for me, because I feel that women's self-defense is very important. Maybe one of the most important things I can teach. Violence against women is one of my "go buttons", as Rory would call it. (Note: I'm not thrilled by violence against MEN either, but criminals who attack women piss me off on a whole different level). When I teach women (and I have, and probably will again), I want to be sure that I'm teaching in a way that honestly empowers them.

I know the PDR system has the tools--enough women have worked with it that it seems clear to me that the system does work for them. It's more a matter of my wanting to have greater competency to make sure the women that I work with, specifically, are getting everything they can out of the training.

Might have to check out Teja's DVD.

More thoughts roaring through my brain. Stay tuned.

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