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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Bit of Burnout

For the past few weeks, I've been feeling completely burnt-out on my strength and conditioning routine. Part of it, I think, is the way I set my schedule up. I tried altering the formula I'd been using (borrowing from Ross Enamait's Infinite Intensity), and overburdened myself.

The other part of it is just boredom. I love Ross's stuff to death, but I've been mostly using it, with some supplementation, for the last year and a half to two years. It might just be time for a change (there was a period where I was trying out new routines/plans every couple of months. And frankly, it was fun.)

For some reason, I've been in the mood for a strength-focused routine lately. Honestly, part of me wants to get back into the Power to the People routine, but I don't have easy access to the equipment for that. (There is a barbell at Sityodtong, but it's a pain-in-the-ass to set up for heavy deadlifting). On the upside, I do have most of the equipment I need for Kevin Kearn's "Laying the Foundation" routine, so I might give that a shot for a few weeks.

Working on simplifying in other areas as well, but that's another post entirely.

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