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Sunday, January 17, 2010

What I Do, How I Do It, And Why I Do It That Way

What I Do

I am a professional combat sport and personal safety coach. I provide coaching in two different martial systems.

First, I provide coaching in Muay Thai, a combat sport created and developed in Thailand which has since gained worldwide popularity. I do all of my Muay Thai coaching under the auspices of Kru Mark Dellagrotte of the Sityodtong Muay Thai Academy in Somerville, MA.

Second, I provide coaching in Personal Defense Readiness, a holistic personal safety system based on the research of Coach Tony Blauer and his team at Blauer Tactical Systems. I am a certified Principles levels coach under Blauer Tactical Systems, and offer coaching through my own company, Active Defense Personal Training, LLC.

How I Do It

I offer several different training models for my clients, depending on their needs and interests.

Group Classes:

Muay Thai: As part of the coaching staff at Sityodtong, I serve as the lead or assistant instructor in many of our Muay Thai classes. If you are interested in Muay Thai classes with the academy, you should contact them directly.

Personal Defense Readiness: At this time, I do not offer an ongoing Personal Defense Readiness Class.

Private and Semi-Private Lessons:

I offer private and semi-private lessons in Muay Thai and Personal Defense Readiness. These are sessions scheduled with one to four clients who are all working towards a similar set of goals and objectives. The content of each lesson is customized to the client, and often changes organically as the lesson moves forward. These lessons will often take place on a regular schedule (once a week is typical), though many of my clients also use this as a way to bolster their training in other areas.


These are larger and longer group classes aimed towards a specific goal, such as understanding fundamental Personal Defense Readiness concepts. They are usually "one-shot" affairs, lasting for three to six hours, but are not repeated. I have created seminar series for clients who wanted to cover material too extensive to fit into a single seminar.

Whatever training model you prefer, my goal is always to serve the client first.

Why I Do It That Way

My teaching is informed by a few key beliefs, based on my own experiences as a student of martial arts, combat sports, and personal safety.

  1. I believe that anyone, regardless of age or fitness level, can benefit from the practice of combat sport, martial art, or the study of personal safety.
  2. I believe that the practice of these disciplines can lead to profound transformative experiences that can shape the lives of practitioners outside of the training environment.
  3. I believe that my purpose and duty as a coach is to help guide my students towards the realization of their goals, not to impose my own desires or beliefs about upon my students. Therefore, wherever it is possible, I seek to align my teaching towards the goals of my students, while acknowledging that in larger classes, this dynamic becomes more challenging. 

In short, my goal as a coach is to help you improve your self and your life in whatever way I can. If you have questions about any of the classes or training options that I offer, please feel free to contact me at adptraining AT

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