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Monday, June 8, 2009

Redline Fight Sports Summer Safety Series

Active Defense Personal Training will be offering a three-part seminar series over the course of the summer. This series will build off the material covered in this introductory seminar, by using some common scenarios to explore various facets of the PDR Curriculum. Students may attend the entire series, or just individual classes that interest them.

All sessions will take place from 2-5pm on the following dates.

Course Curriculum

July 11: Walking Home

  • Fundamental close quarters tools
  • Dealing with a weapon used as a tool of intimidation

August 8: Cement Friendly Fundamentals

  • Fundamental groundfighting tools
  • Dealing with a weapon in motion

September 5: Dangerous Cowards

  • Fundamental strategies for multiple assailants

Course Prices

Redline Members
Series: $30
Single Session: $12

Non-Redline Members

Series: $50

Single Session: $20

To register, speak with Jake Steinmann, or contact Active Defense Personal Training at 617-314-6181 or adptraining AT

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