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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Yoddecha Sityodtong

Working on a new, longer, post, but in the meantime…

Yoddecha Sitydotong was, at one time, a Lumpinee Stadium Champion. He has since “retired”, which means that he’s moved to Australia and is putting the hurt on some of the fighters over there. This is a recent bout of his (warning: video may or may not contain sound).

Round One

Round Two

This is classic Sityodtong style Muay Thai at it’s best. Yoddecha spends the first round feeling out his opponent, and the second round murdering him.

Also, note the teeps to the face—I’m not sure if the Aussie did something to piss Yoddecha off or if he was just in trying to make it very clear who was the top dog in this fight. Not that there’s much doubt by the end…

More soon!


Joseph G. Bellone said...

Thanks for sharing. Great video.

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Joseph G. Bellone said...

Thanks for sharing. We thought it was excellent.