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Thursday, February 21, 2008


Met with the hand surgeon yesterday, a wonderful process in which I finally got to see the trench he had dug in my thumb; yes, it was ugly and gross, though frankly, it could have been much worse.

I am now authorized to use my right hand again. I still don’t have full use of it—no contact sports for another week or so, while the wound heals up. But I can type, which means I can start getting some of the ideas I’ve had rattling in my head for the last week plus onto paper. I can lift, which means I can get back to my strength training, and maybe even work back into the conditioning cycle I was operating on before all of this started.

I went and did a Power to the People style workout this morning: I swear, there is nothing more satisfying than a workout after an enforced absence. To my surprise, I’ve retained most of the progress I’ve made, though my side press seems to have suffered slightly. I may take the next five days to really focus on making some gains on my heavy lifting, before I get back into everything else.

Lots of thoughts about training, nutrition, the nature and practice of martial arts, and so on to come. Stay tuned!

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