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Monday, October 15, 2007

Pad Work

Me holding focus mitts for one of the other trainers at Sityodtong on Saturday. [Warning: link contains video w/sound.] I had my shirt off because it was the end of about four hours worth of training, and the thing had turned into a wet rag. Yes, I really am THAT white.

Not my best pad work ever, but still pretty good. Paul and I haven't held pads for each other very often, and a lot of the confusion that occurs is the result of our failing to synch up with each other. We started to get a better rhythm at the end, but I need more practice getting used to Paul's punching style. He punches much more like a conventional boxer than the average Muay Thai fighter, and I've gotten out of the habit of holding for that kind of puncher. It was good to get to work on it.


PhotoJen said...

You need to warn people this is a video clip where there's not just sound, but music! I read the sentence and clicked on the link, expecting a still photo...

Val said...

Interesting clip. I expected to see you holding one of those big rectangular pads we used for training back when I did karate and was startled to see the hand pads. Wow, practice for the pad holder too! Although there was practice for the pad holder when we used them back then, although it was just in doing horse stance. ( :